Services & Rates

Traditional Massage

60 minutes: $65

A blend of Swedish, Myofascial, Medical, Thai and several other modalities.  Customized to meet the clients needs.

Also available,
30 minutes for $35
75 minutes for $85
90 minutes for $100
120 Minutes for $130

Thai Massage

90 minutes: $100

Thai massage incorporates a traditional combination of energy meridian work and yoga-like stretching.  Thai massage is different from western massage in that there is no oil or lotion used, the therapist uses a mat on the floor and that the client remains clothed throughout the session.  It is so different from what we generally call “massage” that it is often described as having someone “do yoga to you”. 

Thai massage is the perfect compliment to any exercise routine and is suitable for clients of all ages and abilities.


From “Encyclopedia of Thai Massage”, 2004

by C. Pierce Salguero Ph.D

Also available,
30 minutes for $35
90 minutes for $100
120 Minutes for $130

Abdominal Massage

30 minutes: $35

 Works the fascia, muscles, and organs of the abdomen.  Can help ease lower back pain, open up the abdominal cavity to release energy, help with digestive issues, help to break up deep scar tissue from c-section or other surgery.

Can be added to any other massage done on the table.

15 Minute Massage

15 minutes: $20

A quick session great for working on the feet, hands, neck, or TMJ disorder.

First Responder Discount

60 minutes: $45

Police, Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics

One Hour massage $45

Half Hour Massage $25


Offer is for first responders only.

Not valid on purchase of gift certificates

Appointments are booked on a first come first served basis.

Teacher Discount

60 minutes: $45

Public School Teachers who are being charged more for their pension.

30 minutes $25

60 minutes $45

90 minutes $70

120 minutes $100

Does not apply to hot stone massage or to purchase of gift certificates. 

Student Discount

60 minutes: $45

1/2 Hour Massage Just $25

One Hour Massage Just $45

With Student ID

Call or Text 860-620-2956


Must be 16 or older or have parent’s permission.

Does not apply to purchase of gift certificates.

Does not apply to hot stone massage.

Military Discount

60 minutes

Active duty military personnel and combat veterans, one appointment per month, free of charge.